1. Create Extended Warranty Loss Report
All required fields on a screen must be completed before you will be allowed to continue.
Date is automatically populated for you.
Type in your first and last name. The value entered here will be stored for 8 hours, but can be changed at any time.
May I please have your name?
If the caller has not identified themselves as the cardholder, ask:
What is your relationship to the cardholder?
Relationship can be CardHolder, Spouse, Child, Other. Choose CardHolder if the caller is actual cardholder. This will auto-populate the Cardholder first and last name fields
May I have the cardholder's name?
You will only have to ask this if the caller is someone other than the Cardholder.
Enter the complete 16 digit MasterCard or Diners Club card acct #(5xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx).
May not need to ask the caller this - See Yellow Box for answer.
Enter card type. (Examples, MPL, MCG, DCA, DCF or Gold, Platinum, Carte Blanche)
May not need to ask the caller this. See Yellow Box for answer.
May not need to ask the caller this - See Yellow Box for answer.
Select credit or debit card.
Select whether the credit limit is over or under $2000. The credit limit is only to be asked if the card is an MC Consumer credit card. Choose Not Applicable for Debit Cards, MC Corporate Card and all Diners Club Cards.
If available, enter the issuing bank's name.
* Required Field